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Markwort gloves are here!
From the infield to the outfield, we’ve got everything you need to stay in the game.
Markwort is your one-stop shop for quality and affordable baseball and softball training aids.

Markwort Two Hands Trainer

Teaches fielding fundamentals. Flat, 9″ leather glove won’t bend! Promotes two-handed play by forcing the athlete to be centered on the ball.

Markwort Catcher's Mitt

Right-handed Thrower. 33.5″ Pattern. Tan and Black Leather. 2 Piece Pocket. Chrome Tanned Select Leather.

Markwort Infield / Outfield Glove

Right-handed Thrower. 12″ Glove with Basket Pocket. For both Infield and Outfield Play. Chrome Tanned Select Leather offers Durability.

Markwort Sting-Gard Finger Protector

A protective finger leather pad that takes the sting out of any line drive. Elastic finger holders keep protector in place.

The Original Practice Glove

Right-Handed Thrower. Made with Real Leather. Adjustable velcro strap to help fit hands of all sizes.

Markwort T-Ball Glove

Right-Handed Thrower. Made of Cowhide. Chrome Tanned Hide for Durability. 9″ Glove Basket Pocket. Great for T-Ball and Starting Coach Pitch.

VARO bat weights are part of the Authentic Collection™ of the MLB

Supercharge your swing with VARO bat weights and sleeves.

VARO helps players of all ages train their swing on and off the field with our innovative bat training weights.

Pro-Level Cheek & Jaw Protection 

The innovative design of the C-FLAP guard helps prevent injury to the cheek and jaw, and easily mounts to most batting helmets.

Universal Game Face

Game Face is made of ultra-lightweight and extremely strong polycarbonate which pro-actively reduces chances of facial/dental injuries.  This unique design gives the strike-bar superior strength. Ventilation provides cooling and high visibility. High-impact adjustable foam pads to provide maximum comfort.

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